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Grooming & Spoken

THTI believes in pure talent, education or experience, and often competency are no longer parameters to get a job, sustain it and advance in it. In short, your corporate grooming plays an important role in the workplace.Along with communication, negotiation and motivation, business etiquette training, corporate etiquette training, business communication training, and body language training are an essential ‘soft skill’ that separates the leaders from the let behinds.
The following programs are designed to cater to the professional world aiding them in corporate training development - making organizations and their employees create a personal brand for themselves as corporate grooming is just as essential as taking up a job. The concept of rising in the profile you were hired for can be achieved quickly if you are well updated with a specialized corporate etiquette training.
Topic Covered on Business Communication & Grooming (24Hr) – 12 Classes

Basic Building Blocks  - Self Awareness & Being Confident.

Personality Development - Greetings & Initiating Conversation 

Verbal Communication - Awareness on Communication Barriers

Telephone Etiquettes | Writing Applications | Email Etiquettes

Customer Management  - Convincing & Customer Handling

Nonverbal Communication - responding to Body language

Take on Interviews - Impression (Build Up before Interview)

Understanding Hearing, Listening

Interaction (Actual Interview Session) |  Impact