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PF | ESI | P.Tax

The Provident Fund – ESI - Professional tax course is a comprehensive program designed to provide individuals with a deep understanding of the legal and financial aspects of these three crucial elements in the Indian taxation system. This course offers a unique opportunity for professionals to enhance their knowledge and expertise in managing provident fund, employee state insurance, and professional tax. Students will learn about the statutory provisions, compliance requirements, calculation methodologies, and legal obligations associated with these three components. Additionally, the course covers practical aspects such as maintaining records, filing returns, handling audits, and resolving disputes. The curriculum is designed to be interactive, with case studies and real-life scenarios to enrich the learning experience. By the end of the course, participants will have developed a strong foundation in provident fund, employee state insurance, and professional tax management, enabling them to confidently handle these responsibilities in their respective organizations or as independent consultants.
If You are willing to pursue a career in Finance or as an accountant then this course is must learn for you as it will give you the practical knowledge regarding PF- ESI & P.Tax.
Course highlights : 
• EPF - Basic Concept of Employees Provident Fund. Calculation & Deposit of EPF, Preparation of ECR.
• ESI - Basic Concept of Employees State Insurance. Calculation and Deposit of ESI.
• Profession Tax - Enrolment, Registration, E-Payment  
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